The distinction between biodegradable plastic bags and common plastic bags

According to general technical requirements of plastic shopping bags' environmental protection, safety and identification which is stipulated by related department,there are various plastic bags meet country standard and have various usages. Such as starch plastic bags, biodegradable plastic bags and common plastic bags and so on. But the thickness of one side of plastic bags must be beyond 0.025mm(including 0.025mm).


Professors remind customers that steamed bread, noodle these food can eat directly, they are must be put in the plastic bags with "special food bag" and "QS" identification. And it needs to have warning and security declaration, in addition, new eco-friendly plastic shopping bags should have specific identification, use marked color to print on plastic bags. The identification of plastic bags including name-biodegradable plastic bags, common plastic bags and so on, standard number, size, sign, how to recycle and so on. At the same time, plastic bags should have specific manufacture name. In addition, it needs to have warning and security declaration, such as " Please stay away from infants and young children to avoid and prevent dangerous" or "Please repeated use for saving source and protecting environment" and so on.

In a word, the material of common plastic bags normally is PE. Normal degradable plastic bags just put degradable master batch into PE. Starch is real eco-friendly plastic bags. Common plastic bags touch good and hard in quality. But degradable bags and starch biodegradable bags have worse touch feeling and bad in color. It is soft and look white.

Long curtain create a different indoor landscape for home decoration

When visiting friends and I like to have a look on theirs colorful curtains for home decoration, red, blue, purple, long curtain or short length, variety styles. After you come back home, you would find that curtain for home decoration is very important. Take long curtain for example, an appreciate curtain can create a different indoor landscape for home decoration.


If you are prefer to bohemian long curtain, that just hanging up in front of the window and them dress up the same style, walking gently, don you think you are look like walking in the Bohemian street. Hanging up Japanese curtain if you like, and put kimono on to enjoy some traditional experience.

Different curtains have different decorative qualities for home decoration. The same to long curtains, when people choose different style long curtains that mean they have different life style. Life is for oneself. Happy day is one day of pain. Enjoy your happiness everyday from changing window treatment for home decoration. and enjoy more beautiful life. 


Romantic French country curtains sale

Country curtains often use warm colors and simple pattern, it can make your room cozy and bright. At the same time, country curtains with French style is romantic. France is a romantic country, everything with French style is full of romance. Such as French country curtains. It is a good choice to decorate your room and make your room cozier and bright. You can feel romantic and french in your room with French country curtains.

Baby nursery curtains- give baby a good environment

Baby nursery curtains are usually use soft and healthy material and bright and warm color. It has cute and lively pattern and looks colorful. It can make baby feel happy. It is healthy and helpful to give baby a good environment. And baby nursery curtain is often good blackout. It can shade most sunshine when baby rest. It can also make baby sleep better. So, baby nursery curtains can create a better environment for baby.


Try shabby chic curtains and you will never regret.

If you want to change the interior style, do not need to re decoration, also do not need to buy home appliances, only need to change a curtain can easily do not believe? Don't believe you to look below the recommended five chic curtains, ensure that you look after the instant modification of desire.

This shabby chic curtain is a white base, looks very clean, printed with black pattern, is very clear and concise comparison, very suitable for the installation and personality, but also can be installed in the study, I believe your study if there is such a common curtain, the scenery will not be the same.

Like the ink painting in general, let a person feel very comfortable, fabric with hemp, so it looks very comfortable, whether it is linked to create a good temperament in the living room or bedroom.

shabby chic curtains

The modern people more white, more hope to be close to nature, and the choice of green leafy curtain is well reflected, whether it is bright green or dark green, grass green, can give a person a kind of feeling of vitality, let a person see the mood bright unceasingly, if feel crowded and repression, so might as well take the a beige items in the window curtains, such as tassel or other fine lace, lace curtains not only improve the grade, but also it is very stylish and chic.

Floral although small, but it seems more romantic, delicate design, simple and elegant tailoring, people instantly favor multiplication, bright color, beautiful flowers, plus after sub light cloth, nice.

Whether it is black and white classic or gray, is very low-key, the curtains are very simple, give a person a kind of simple sense, struggle outside the single men may choose such a unique curtain.

Cheap blackout curtains can help you from the sunlight

In the summer, cheap and shadow of the growth rate, in order to block the summer sunlight outside, the need is to select a suitable curtain.

In the common window, the majority of them are law-abiding, square, but now with the diversity of the art of architecture, the most common window is less and less, all kinds of special shape, elliptical arched windows, the family is also more and more, how to do well the blackout curtains? This is a very troublesome thing, but there is a principle or not wrong, it is suit one's measures to local conditions.

Stunning Green blackout curtains

Cheap shadow, if installed in the arched windows, you can use the shutter, it will match the design and the arch form arc shape, which can be controlled independently.There are a lot of different colors for you to choose from when you are picking one black out curtain.

And the lower the curtain can be divided into two parts, is conducive to the control respectively. The curtain is pulled strings, let it drop, make the window of exposure. Bottom up way allow light to enter indoor.And please keep this in mind that don’t choose those too expensive ones, only those curtains which fitting your room is the best.

Princess Curtains

Princess Curtains can always be a dream for girls. It always be pink with lace or some princess patterns, which can decorate your room much more like fairy tale.

1.Sweet Princess Girls Bedroom Nice pink curtains
princess curtains

2.Pink plaid Princess curtains
princess curtains

3.Princess rustic wind curtain bedroom curtains
princess curtains

4.Disney Princess Door Curtain
princess curtains

Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains can make you have the feeling that you have the security. For it’s dark inside so that you can have a nice sleep during the daytime. Blackout curtains can also reduce the noise outside, in this way, you can sleep better than ever you didn’t use this kind of curtains. Actually, blackout curtains are not only black, pink or other bright colors can also be picked. Blackout curtains are made of good fabric, for its thick texture, it becomes blackout.

1.Eco-friendly Blackout Navy Star Printing kids room curtains $40.99
blackout curtains

blackout curtains

3.Ultimate Blackout Grommet Panel?
blackout curtains

4.Bedroom Blackout Curtains
blackout curtains